My name’s Natalie Charlotte Ann. Originally Natalie Ann, but what with my last name of Golding, my parents didn’t want my initials to spell ‘NAG’. Ironic, as it’s what they seem to call me nowadays anyway.

So that’s a great start.

Currently a second year law student, I can usually be found doing anything but law. But for the sake of my lecturers and parents, re-read that as I can always be found in the library. Because I’m a good student. And that’s just what good students do. But seriously, I have an actual life.

One day I’d like to be a Solicitor. Or a professional Kinder Happy Hippo taster. I’m as yet undecided, but I’m pretty sure my family are putting their money on the latter. Me too, if my unprecedented dismal ability to remember any case which doesn’t start with ‘R v .’ is anything to go by.

I’m sarcastic. Most of the time. Sometimes I’m not, but usually I am.


Not so fun facts.

I made my debut for the Sussex Clay Pigeon Shooting Team from the age of 12. Hurrah!

I play the clarinet and saxophone. I used to be Grade 7, but if you were to now call me Grade 3, I feel that would be generous.

I sing and dance. All of the time. Anywhere, everywhere, under there, over there. I used to study Musical Theatre at college, but then I discovered law school. I say discovered with much malice in my tone.

I’m actually quite happy I’m at law school. Well, the sensible side is anyway. And that’s OK.

I’m in a Notebook-esque love affair with London. Always.

I work in a theatre. Meaning – No, I cannot come to your 8pm Birthday drinks. No, I cannot come over to watch ‘Frozen’. And no, I cannot take you back to meet Jimmy Carr. Ever.

I’ve been a volunteer for Samaritans since the age of 18. It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. Period.


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